China - Mongolia - Russia - Lithuania - Poland - Germany - Belgium - UK - The Netherlands in 76 days

Introducing oneself as a technical writer in any social event won’t be as inviting as one hope it’d be especially if you are a stroppy person. Just imagine having to explain what the job scope is for a mere five minutes and at the end the response  you get is: Oh! Right!. And the person just walks away after. And I have been doing the introduction for the past seven years and not counting, hopefully!

This website is all about my adventures from Asia to Europe  via Trans – Siberia railways. Anecdotes, pictures and everything in between!


The question I get when I tell people that I want to go to Siberia is why on earth? Well, have you seen a Siberian husky in Kuala Lumpur? Well, me neither. And that’s one of the main reasons why I decided to  go on  the longest railway in the world : The Trans – Siberian railways. I want to go where the husky dogs come from. And of course, the hopeless romantic in me insisted on finding the happiness in the simple kind of life along Siberia before soaking in the richness of Europe’s arts and history.

Vietnam was the first country stamped in my fresh passport in 2010. To keep long story shorts, I have been to 12 countries so far in the past 3 years. All of it was done on a shoestring budget and pocket stretching feels like a new acquired skill. But I guess, that’s where all the fun lies. Choosing between an expensive hotel with clean bathroom or cheap hostel next to the train station is the normal dilemma. But when your pocket is not as deep as you wish it’d be, cheap hostel always win with occasional toleration test on bugs and leaky air conditioner.

Writing has always been my interest with a few writings being published in Dewan Budaya and Dewan Pelajar. I started to pick up on photography a few years back and always try to find the time to play out with my camera. Occasional orchestra performance whenever I need to feel cultured and of course to play dress up.

I really am looking forward to my little adventure. My first act is to throw out my mobile phone, literally that is. All I plan to do is writing, reading, doing some action and enjoy life as it is.