Got China Visa or not? Got lah!

After the form and passport submission last Tuesday, today is the day to pick up my passport.

I arrived early and didn’t even have to wait long for my number to be called. Hurraaahhhhhh! I took my number at the entrance, paid RM 85 for my visa fee and was given a receipt as proof of payment. I was then ushered to another counter to pick up my passport. The whole process took less than 15 minutes. Well done, China Visa Center! So peeps, go there early to avoid the peak hours, which starts at 10am.

Icing on the cake: Tourist handbook distributed free when you pick up your passport. It has maps of transportation lines and places of interests around China, with information on hotels, restaurants and shopping places available in each province. Entrance fee for places of interests are also mentioned in it. Website links are also provided should you require more information on any province. This handbook is worth the read, I should say. Maybe you’ll find some new places that are worth visiting!