C'mon baby do the loco-motion

Remember Kylie Minogue kept asking people to do the locomotion with her once? Well, I was still in primary school at that time. I guess I waited far too long to do the locoooo moooootion. Alas, the time has now arrived!

After weeks of research online and reading Lonely Planet’s Trans – Siberian Railway travel guidebook, I finally decided on my routes. The most crucial criteria apart from the budget is whether it’s worth it to make the stop. Since I’d like to try to get on the husky sled, walk on frozen Lake Baikal and try ice-skating in Moscow, I decided to include Irkutsk, Olkhon Island and Moscow in my itinerary. And where would be the best place to start off the journey? Beijing, for I want to see The Great Wall of China before I leave Asia and enters Europe.

I bought my tickets from Real Russia, which had been recommended by Seat61. Trust me, before you decided where to go, gather as much information as possible. But if you decided to jump head first, then approach with cautious.  I specifically asked for lower bunks throughout the journey, no meal tickets and all female coach. After I have confirmed the details and agreed on the tickets arrangement, I made the payment and waited for the tickets to be booked and sent to me online.

Voila! This is the check coupon, which means you have to pick up the physical ticket at the train station before boarding. My first leg ticket, Beijing to Ulaanbaatar will be sent to the hostel with no extra charge.

Getting excited and yet so nervous. Here’s to nothing!

Russia train ticket

Russia train ticket