Ni hao ma?

First day in Beijing went better than I have expected. If not for the policemen who kept asking for my passport at Tiananmen Square, I’d have a fabulous day I should say. It was sunny and bright today with occasional strong winds. The best way to start my trip, in my head that is, was to visit Tiananmen Square and to the Forbidden City next. I was perplexed at first when I was asked to step aside for ID check at the Tiananmen West Subway Station. Then twice while I was walking in front of Tiananmen Square. After the fifth time, I thought it was time to head back to the hostel. The bomb attack in Beijing recently really put the security at maximum. Always bring your passport with you in case of being stopped by the police. I would have given Beijing 5 stars if not for the incidents.

On the other note, I have met a lot of fabulous people on my first day here. I was wandering around this morning, looking for breakfast place and train station to get to Tiananmen. Believing my rumbling guts, I approached this one guy and asked for direction. He speaks an-ok English and he said yes he would show me the way. Out of nowhere, came an old guy who kept repeating, “Pillar”, “Pillar” and god knows how confused I was at that time. Turned out that he was also offering to show me the way. He was actually directing me to the pillar at the junction. Old man, there are 3 pillars down here for god sake! LOL. The area that I’m staying has pillars all around. I shall post the pictures later on. Alas, the young guy walked me to the station and paid for the ticket. His tagline: Ask Chinese guy for direction. Chinese guys are nice. 3 out 5 men that I asked for directions today are nice Chinese guys. Pity I didn’t get his name.

It’s getting colder and my roommate, a bubbly and friendly girl from Shanghai wants to wander outside. Talk to you guys later.