Zài jiàn, Beijing. Sain baina uu, Ulanbator!

It was free and easy for my last day in Beijing. Sunny and warm with occasional wind all day long. Before I got here to Beijing, I’ve bored my friends stiff with my plan to cycle around Beijing. And the day has arrived!I attempted to get to Jingshan Park without having to go through Tiananmen Square. After being stopped numerous times on the first day, it’s most practical to get there using the back alley. And yes, no policeman stopped me today.

I found a bicycle rental place at Nachizi Dajie and paid 30 yuan for one whole day rental. I didn’t pay the deposit but left my passport there instead. I cycled slowly around the alley at first. You’ll know why after seeing how the people here maneuver their vehicles. Even the cyclists could be labeled as road bully if they’re in Kuala Lumpur. So if you heard stories about a woman in headscarf cycling around like a mad woman and even the policemen let her park the bicycle at non-designated area, then you know whom they are talking about.

Jingshan Park is on the North of the Forbidden City. The entrances are facing each other since most of the buildings are built based on the Forbidden City’s location. Jingshan Park is an area of 230,000 m², and of course the best place to just sit down and read the book. I did just that after climbing on the Pavillion overlooking the Forbidden City. The serenity offered here amidst the hustle and bustle in Beijing is definitely astounding. Not many overseas tourists here compared to Forbidden City and I think that’s such a pity since it’s a really beautiful park with bed of flowers and beautiful pavilions. That’s enough reason to visit the park.

While I was wandering the neighbourhood with my friend from Shanghai, we stumbled upon a Shanghai Muslim Restaurant about 500m away from the hostel. Since I was too lazy to get to the Muslim Quarters, I think it’d be best to calm the dragon in my tummy with some Shanghai food. The food was delicious and as usual, the portion is enough for two. I went there twice, for lunch and dinner. I paid 15 yuan for my rice with sweet sour chicken and boy I was full. For dinner I had lamb noodles with black soup. When I went to the counter and wanted to pay my bill, the owner told me to pay only 10 yuan for my 15 yuan noodles. It was hard to voice out my appreciation since he couldn’t speak English but I suppose my grinning from ear to ear explained it all.  Thank you Beijing for keep sending great people in my way!

I won’t be online for the next two days. Nothing to worry about. I will just be partying on the train from Beijing to Ulanbator. Hopefully the train journey is not as exciting as watching the paint dry!

Cycling to Jingshan Park

Cycling to Jingshan Park