When in Mongolia, walk like the Mongolians

First day starts off with lots of surprises to me. Snow kept falling the whole day and I was only wearing my GAP jacket with 3 other layers  (1 jacket + 1 long sleeves t-shirt + 1 thermal). What is the best that I could make out of the situation? Jogging? Well, I won’t be caught dead jogging in Kuala Lumpur anyway. After some observation, I came to the conclusion that you must walk as fast as you can as if the crazy cat woman is chasing you.

I slipped and fell on me butt while walking towards the museum. I didn’t realize that I was about to fall until I hear an old woman screaming. Next thing I knew I was already sitting on the pavement. Thank you woman for the warning but when you screamed like you’ve seen a ghost, it won’t help anyway.

While I was on the way to the Museum, I stopped a few people to ask for directions but none of them could either explains it or understand what I’ve been asking. Finally, I met a Mongolian woman who speaks fluent English and she showed me the way to Peace Avenue. Mongolian writes in Mongolian Cyrillic so same rule applies as Beijing: Write your intended destination in the local writing.

The street was icy, snow was falling and it felt like Christmas morning (read in Spongebob’s voice). Ulaanbaatar’s air is full of small particles and it always smells like something is on fire. Well, might be someone setting fire to the rain à la Adele but you catch the drift. If you’re asthmatic or have sensitive health conditions, then please be fully prepared before you step in this city.

The museum is small but a good introductory to what Mongolia really made of. I paid 15,000 Tugrik for my admission fee. That is 5,000 for being an adult and another 10,000 for photography. For the dinosaur’s lover, Mongolia is the place to be since this is where the most intact fossil was found. There is a hall dedicated to the dinosaur excavation projects but unfortunately none of the descriptions are in English. Boooo! Still, it is worth the visit. Where else are you going to see dinosaur’s bone? Jurassic Park? 

I wandered around town a bit and I am amazed to see the number of shopping malls around here. It’s just like in Kuala Lumpur where Pavilion and Berjaya Times Square is literally next to each other. But you can see that most of the shopping malls are for the upper market with LV and Chanel’s billboards being plastered on the entrance. It is good to know that Mongolia is getting more prosper after the revolution. Tai Tai wears designer's sunglasses while driving Lexus or taking out their Chihuahua for an evening walk with their LV’s satchel. This is not the Mongolia that I wanted to see. I guess I’ll be happier when I stay in the ger at Terelj National Park. Or maybe I’ll be grumpier if I fall off the horse’s back. Bring it on, Mongolia!