Hey,ho!Let's go!

So I have planned to go to Terelj National Park, which is famously known for Turtle Rock and Ger Camps. News from those who just came back is that it’ll be extra cold. And what would an Asian who comes from a tropical country do? Shopping for more pants and socks of course!

I’ve been told that the best place to shop is the infamous Black Market.

- What would you like to buy, honey?

- Hmmm, maybe some fleece pants.

- Cool! While we’re there maybe we can buy the satellite dish that I always wanted! 

Yes, boys and girls you can buy just about anything there. Even furniture, well just in case.

My hostel buddies and I set off just a little before 12p.m. We walked down the street and after 40 minutes of walking, we finally saw the crowd. The walk was worth it for the graffiti works done along the street. And to those who know me, they know that I’d just wander around to see how the town looks like. I didn’t bring my camera to the market for all the safety reasons that I could think of. As you go along, you could spot the old generation who still wear the robe like garment called a deel. 

When we arrived, the weekend crowd had started flocking in. It’s a very big place and you could easily get lost in it or lose you friend. One of my hostel’s buddies has been there before so it was quite easy to maneuver our direction. The quality of products is better than what you can buy from Beijing. Suffice to say that with RM75 I managed to buy 2 pairs of fleece trousers (really thick but it’s not something you could wear in Malaysia unless you want to shed some fat), 2 pairs of thick wool socks (the famous Camel socks that is) and a pair of gloves. I was all warm and toasty in my new trouser last night. Yeayyyy!

And I finally got the chance to try the famous salty milk tea of Mongolia! It tasted funny at first but after the third sip, it’s already in the list of my favourite drink. I had my third cup for dinner at the vegan restaurant but they use soymilk instead. Still the taste stays the same.

We came back with the bus from Peace Avenue and the ticket was 400 Mongolian Tugrik (+- RM0.70 cents). The bus was crowded with weekend crowd alas it was a great experience. Just another day of travelling’s life!

P/s: Super excited for the next destination, Irkutsk!