Terelj National Park : Day 1

I was getting tired with the hustle and bustle in Ulaanbaatar, not forget to mention the insanely polluted air. After some thoughts, I decided it’s about time to be one with Mother Nature. In another word, stay in Mongolian Ger with basic necessities; without modern toilet and Wi-Fi and wander around Terelj National Park to burn the calories. Gasp!

I set off with my guide on Monday morning and we made a few stops along the way before we reach the ger camping site. The sceneries are breath taking and I spent most of my time marveling and daydreaming, of course.

First stop was Manzushir Monastery. It was established in 1733 and of course the communists who got nothing better to do decided to destroy it in 1937. It was a long walk from the parking lot to the museum and the ruins. The snow was thick and with layers of shirts, it was impossible to walk as fast as what I imagine in moi head. Made it to the museum and nothing could describe how I feel when I saw the skull and human’s bone that were used by the Shamans for exorcism. This is not scary movie joke, boys and girls. I felt eerie and fascinated at the same time.

Then we were off to Chinggis Khan Equestrian Statue.  It is one giant statue and yes, you can take the elevator and emerge from between his leg and walk a bit to get to the steed’s head to look at the marvelous scenery. If emerging from between the legs sound odd enough for you then being charged to do so is definitely insane for me. Alas, Chinggis Khan Equestrian Statue that had been set up is a rip off for the local people. How could all his legacies being privately owned and local people are being charged fairly expensive to see it? It is an extensive collection, I should say and I spent a good few hours to see them all.I can’t help to wonder if Chinggis Khan, the man of the millennium had the chance to soak in the Mongolia’s beauty or was he far too busy conquering the world?

The van’s driver and the guide’s friend prepared our lunch for the day. In the van! How awesome is that? It was like a little picnic for the five of us. Hot vegetarian food and flushed it off with hot tea. Yummmyyyyy! Before the sunset, we arrived at the Ger camping site and I was introduced to the host family. I was warmly welcomed and served with the bread and butter made from fresh milk. And of course, it won’t be complete without salty milk tea.

Let’s not talk about the lack of modern toilet, shall we? Suffice to say that if you could survive India then you’ll survive here, too.