What's in your backpack, Dora?

It has been a hectic week and I apologize for the lack of updates here on my blog. Juggling between family’s affair and travel preparation is never that easy especially when my mum’s ankle is still on the mend. 

With less than 24 hours to go, it is time to pack my bag and focus on having fun throughout the journey. Not! I will be frantically walking back and forth and struggle to remember if I have left anything out. However, I finally decided to pack light for my 76 days winter trip. Yes, you have read it right. Pack light for Siberian winter. I’ll be taking 2 bags with me: 1 75-liter Deuter backpack and 1 sling bag for camera and MacBook Air.

This is the most minimal I could pack and I hope it’d be enough to keep me toasty.


2-in-1 winter coat with thermal jacket – The most practical jacket I could find and worth every penny
2 pairs of insulated base layer pants

2 pairs of insulated base layer tops

2 pairs of cargo trousers

5 pairs of wool socks 

1 pair of flip-flops

1 pair of walking shoes

1 pair of winter boots 

1 micro-fleece jacket

1 wool sweater

4 long-sleeve tops 

4 tees

2 pairs of yoga pants 

1 pair of jeans

1 pair of gloves 

1 scarf


1 DSLR camera

2 camera batteries

1 universal adapter

2 padlocks

1 microfiber towel 

1 travel clothesline

1 Fabric Care Travel Wash

1 waterproof bag for camera

1 Trans – Siberian handbook

1 Russian phrasebook

1 notebook and pen 

1 torchlight

1 thermos

1 water canteen 

1 Swiss Army knife

Spoon and fork 

Sleep mask



Toilet paper and wet wipes 

Instant oatmeal

Cup-a-soup packets 

Protein bars

3-in-1 Milo


Well, there you have it. The most stressful part of traveling is now done. It's time for a cuppa and some decent conversations with friends. Ciao!