Ready or not Beijing, here I come!

For those who have read my posting on how this little journey of mine started, I thank you for doing so. But to those who have missed the opportunity, all I could say is that I apologize for I have deleted the posting. I am not that young but still reckless, hence deleted the posting while explaining my travel plan to my 9-year-old nephew. A few tears were shed for I didn’t save my writing beforehand. So much for moral of the story I should say.

I thank you all for the supports shown through “Like’ on the website and Facebook page. I could never depict how massive the positive vibes and words of encouragements sent in my way throughout the week. Gazillion thanks to those who sent in the emails through my contact’s page. I am touched by your thoughtfulness and the kind words really touched my heart.

When I first started planning this trip, I never crossed my mind that it’d ended up like this. I was bouncing around like a fart in a mitten when I got my first Website ‘Like’ from a stranger. To my friends and ex-colleagues, I hope I didn’t bore you guys stiff when all I did was talking about this trip and occasional zoning out midst conversations!

On a serious note, I hope this journey will positively inspire other travellers and perhaps encourage people to start moving out of their comfort zone. Just imagine when you’re in your 60’s and the stories you could tell others about your life  is about how big your office was and the paint was slightly olive but a bit like green in July. Boring with capital B!

Just bear in mind that this trip is done on a shoestring budget. No review on a fancy restaurant in Moscow or shopping tips in Warsaw. I’m on a tight budget but hopefully I don’t have to be frugal. Oh well! Let’s see how it goes, shall we?

It’s time to leave now. See you guys from the other side of Asia!