'Sup, bro?

Survived the second day in the sunny but very windy China. What would be the best way to spend it than to go to the Great Wall of China? 'He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man' as the famous Chinese saying goes.

 In case you haven’t heard about the legend. The Great Wall is design in such a way with the help of a dragon that traced out the course of the Great Wall for the workforce. The builders subsequently followed the tracks of the dragon.

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Ni hao ma?


First day in Beijing went better than I have expected. If not for the policemen who kept asking for my passport at Tiananmen Square, I’d have a fabulous day I should say. It was sunny and bright today with occasional strong winds. The best way to start my trip, in my head that is, was to visit Tiananmen Square and to the Forbidden City next.

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