Why don’t you love me, Mother Russia?

Second leg of my train journey is now completed. No soul is harmed during crossing the Mongolian border to Russia’s soil except from being asked to step out for interrogation. I was lucky for there was a Mongolian woman who speaks Russian in my cabin and she helped to translate the conversations carried out in Russian.

It all started with the immigration officer that is as dull as the dishwasher who alerted her higher-ranking officer. It was done on a basis that I might be carrying a fake passport and destinations listed in my Russian visa are considered as not common for Malaysian travellers. I was then asked to step outside and followed the higher-ranking officer for interrogation. I thought that I should scheme my way out by mentioning that his blue eyes really compliment his immigration uniform. But with the stern look given by the other immigration people, I ended up by saying I heard Russians are a bunch of nice people when he asked why I come to Russia. My passport was taken away for further inspection, as it is fairly new with only 4 pages used for stamps and visas. Besides, they are not sure whether it is the latest issue with the black and white photo. It felt like an eternity when I was being interrogated and I can’t help but to feel like being in a movie as well.  You know, a bit like Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. 

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