9 days to go.

It's raining cats and dogs here in Kuala Lumpur and I have yet to finalize my packing list. I guess I'm having withdrawal syndrome. It’s my first day of being unemployed after 1 and half year with the former company.

Packing for winter is never easy especially when you’re going through Siberian weather. What thermal wear to buy? Will it be enough to have only 2 pairs of thermal wears? Will my shoes be comfortable enough? And for most girls would be: Will I look fat in these? **facepalm**

I will share my packing list in a day or two for next week is the week full of exciting project, meeting up with family and coffee with friends!

Hello,Mother Russia.

For some reasons unknown, I always imagine that Russia looks a bit like The Wall in Game of Thrones. Full of Night’s Watch that wear fur clothes, bravely walk on thick snow and handsomely flip their hair while maintaining the cold and rough look à laJon Snow. DELUSIONAL! Alas, the visa application for Russia has also been a subject of misconception by most. Some said that it is a pain on your backside. Some said that get the visa first before buying the Trans-Siberia tickets. But hey, you won’t know unless you try.

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China's Visa Submission

The visa submission was super easy! Just fill up the form online and print it out to sign. 


  • Attach your flight ticket/train ticket/bus ticket with a copy of your passport to the visa application form.
  • Arrive to the center before 10am to avoid the crowds that start coming in around 10am.
  • Photocopy machine and instant photo service are available at the center.